It’s the season of resolutions, new beginnings, clean slates and the promise of making a new start. It stands to reason that January is a great time to start — or start looking for — a new job! 

After the holiday rush, the end-of-the-year deadlines and all that comes with closing out the books, companies start up their hiring processes in earnest, looking to fill positions that will help make the new year a successful one. 

Here’s why January is a great time to find a new job. 


  • Optimism for the year ahead. By the time the calendar flips, companies and hiring managers have a really good sense of how strongly they ended the year and will have a clearer idea of where more staffing is needed in order to meet their goals and expectations for the year ahead. It’s also the time when big projects are announced or resumed and managers are full of hope, optimism and, yes, expectations for big things ahead, all of which might mean adding to their existing teams. 
  • Budgets are in sharper view. Managers and executives need to compile plenty of reports on the old year and create forecasts for the new one. Putting a bow on 2022 means they have a very good idea of whether their team is operating at a budgetary surplus or deficit — a surplus means there’s room to grow and invest, which means new people to support all those expectations for the year ahead. By January, they’ll know how many new people can be hired and how much money is available for those new salaries. 
  • Time is of the essence. With budgets approved, new projects and hiring are often given the green light in January! Plus, any positions that were open in the fall are probably of higher priority or importance now, especially if the team has been under extra stress for a few months due to being short-handed. Additionally, hiring managers know many people change jobs in January and don’t want to be late to the party when it comes to finding the best talent for the year ahead — they’re looking for available talent and that means you! 


All of this benefits you as a job seeker! This January, polish up your resume, dust off your cover letters, freshen up your references and set yourself the goal of finding a great new job in 2023. 

The best part is, you don’t have to navigate the job hunt alone! Davis Staffing works with great companies to help match highly qualified candidates with open positions — we also help companies find temporary employees if you’re not sure exactly what you’d like to do next. Take a look at our job board and see what strikes your interest, then give Davis Staffing a call to start 2023 off right.