Whether you’ve been looking for a while or just starting out on the search to find a new job, it can feel like an endless series of sending off resumes and applications, waiting and waiting for something to happen. 

It can be tiring and frustrating to say the least! But there’s an easier way: Consider working with a staffing agency, like Davis Staffing, to help change your career path. 

We partner with reputable, respected companies and learn the ins and outs of what they’re looking for in a new employee, then we share their job postings and help them find the best candidates. That means if there’s a post on our website you’re interested in, we can help you fast-track the application process in a short period of time if the job seems like a good fit! 

Here are a few open positions we have available and are looking to fill right now: 

Assembler: Do you like to tinker and build things? Have a knack for electronics and gadgets? We’re working with a client to fill an assembler position, on first and/or second shift, to build and test components for radiation measuring devices. These are temp-to-hire positions, meaning someone brought in for the job will be considered a temporary or short-term employee with the possibility of being hired on full-time and permanently if the company and the candidate are a good team. Pay is $16 per hour and checks are issued weekly. 

Splicer: Do you enjoy a job well done and with precision? One of our clients is looking for a splicer to prepare component fiber using mechanical strippers and then cleave fiber using hand cleavers. We’re looking for someone with excellent hand-eye coordination and an eagerness to learn this highly technical work, packing delicate components into a coil bobbin. This is a first-shift, Monday through Friday position that pays $16 per hour to start and requires a high school diploma or certificate. 

Lab technician: Do you enjoy making sure things are exactly as they’re supposed to be? Do you find precision and demanding expectations reassuring and steadying? We’re working with a client to find a laboratory technician who needs impeccable attention to detail and exacting standards. The successful candidate also will have strong communication skills, internet research and database management abilities and a proficiency with Microsoft Office. This is a second-shift, temp-to-hire position that pays $18 per hour to start. 

Drafter: Were you one to doodle on every paper surface in sight? Do you dream of building things based on your drawings? One of our clients is looking for a drafter who can read and interpret architectural drawings and translate those into designs for complex approval renderings. The right candidate also will be able to prepare technical drawings and take a project from kick-off through completion.  This is a first-shift, Monday through Friday temp-to-hire position that pays $20 per hour to start. 


Right now, we have more than 30 jobs available for a variety of skill sets and abilities — take a look and see what fits! Then contact Davis Staffing and let’s get the process started.