Congratulations! You’ve landed an interview for a job that sounds like a perfect fit for your experience, interests and career. 

But you know, deep down, that other people have the same feeling. Their resumes might be similar to yours. And you know the company will be interviewing other people for the same position. 

Don’t worry! Here are a few tips to help you stand out from the crowd during your next interview and help the company understand you’re the best person for the job. 


  • Go in prepared to connect dots and show off your research. Before the interview, do your homework and learn all you can about the company. Make notes if it’ll help you remember key points you’d like to bring up. But go a little further and review the job description again, then prepare to connect your work experience and background with the requirements for the position. Tie everything together: This shows that you’ve paid attention and cared enough to put in the time to learn more about your potential new employer and that you want to make it clear that you’re ready and prepared to step into this new position more than anyone else. 
  • Discuss your worth and value as a person. Remember that no one else has lived your life. Everything you’ve done and experienced has brought you to this moment. Talk about experiences in your life that helped shape your view on the world and influenced your work. Have a short story prepared that can help highlight how you’re ready and qualified for this job. If you’ve worked through challenging problems previously, use that to power a story that shows how ready you are to face a tough day on the job. Only you can tell your story! 
  • Prepare answers to common interview questions with a personal twist. You know you’re going to be asked about where you see your career in five to 10 years or what you feel is your greatest strength. Go into the interview having very specific answers ready, talking not just about your goals but your reasons for them. Talk about how you’ve developed the strengths you have and why you’re proud of the person you are today and excited about who you’ll be in the future. 
  • Prepare good questions too. There might be an opportunity, typically toward the end of the interview, to ask questions of your interviewer. Prepare for this and be ready with some insightful questions. Don’t just ask about a typical day for your position; ask what a stressful day would be like and what the expectations will be. Ask about company culture and how they feel about the morale of other employees within the company. How does the company handle family emergencies that might require you to leave early, come in late or work remotely? Ask the interviewer what they like about their job and working for the company. 
  • Be aware of your appearance and body language. In addition to trying on your interview outfit before going in, practice your smile and body language. Make sure you look professional and pleasant, friendly but not like you’re trying too hard to be a people-pleaser. You’re making a case for yourself but you want to come from a position of strength and confidence, not looking like you’re begging for their approval of you as a person. Be at ease with yourself and comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing and the rest will come! 


Interviews are stressful, but it’s also your chance to shine. Tell your story and make it clear that your experience and view of the world will make you a great asset and addition to the company and the interviewer will follow your lead. 

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