resume career change


Getting ready for a career change? Your resume should be ready, too. When you’re looking to make a transition, big or small, you can’t expect it to happen on its own. Your job is to convince an employer that you have what it takes to succeed in a new setting. Here’s how.

Transferable Skills

Let’s talk about your skills. You’ve likely gained several hard and soft skills by now, even if you’re newer to the workforce. For example, in an entry-level receptionist position, employees learn to use software and manage records (hard skills) while also employing time management and customer service (soft skills). While the software will be different at another company, your ability to learn quickly and navigate a new system will be just as valuable. Instead of advertising the specific software you can use in your resume, mention how quickly you picked it up.

Change Your Format

Switch to a functional resume as opposed to a traditional one. When you need to appeal to recruiters in an industry you have less experience in, it’s time to focus on skills rather than previous jobs. Highlight your abilities first, then mention your previous employment setting. Give concrete examples of your success in a role – the more you can indicate your ability to perform in any setting, the more likely you’ll land an interview.

Get It In The Right Hands

The best clerical resume in the world is useless in the hands of a construction project manager. If you’re changing your career, make sure you’re making new connections congruent with that industry switch you’re looking for. Utilize social media and LinkedIn, especially LinkedIn Groups, to start conversations with peers and potential employers. Talk to people in your intended field even if they aren’t hiring – maybe they know someone!

Prepare for Your Career Change

To make a switch fast, reach out to a temporary staffing agency that can match your skills with open positions in your desired field. If you want premium access to the best Chicago jobs, connect with Davis Staffing. Our experts can help you cultivate a stand-out resume designed to catch the eyes of potential employers. Contact us today to make it happen.