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Most job seekers can identify with the feeling of filling out dozens of applications and trying to connect with employers with no luck. Shipping your resume off, again and again, can make you less likely to be intentional with your job search. If you’re still looking for the right position and can’t get a job offer, here are three ways you may be unintentionally damaging your chances at landing the job.


1. Overconfidence

Cockiness in a job interview is off-putting. A hiring manager is looking for a good fit, and usually, that’s not a know-it-all. If you’re claiming you’re perfect and unique, it may be time to adjust your language. Even with multiple interviews, it’s often impossible to know exactly how you’ll perform in a role with a new team. You can project confidence, but stay humble.


2. Underprepared

When you expose your weaknesses during the job search, you risk looking like you didn’t do your research. Read each job description carefully before you apply. There’s a difference between a reach and completely overshooting based on your existing qualifications. Don’t be surprised if you get rejected for a position that’s completely out of your wheelhouse. Focus on roles where you meet the required and preferred qualifications.


3. Application Issues

If you’re a candidate that can’t even get an interview, chances are, there’s an issue with your application. Review your resume and cover letter for incorrect info, grammar problems, and misspellings. When you’re not even receiving requests for an interview, it’s likely your application isn’t getting picked out of the pile.


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