Employers are looking for someone that can think on their feet and adapt to different situations. To get the job, you’ll need to be prepared for your interview. There are different advantages and disadvantages for a telephone and in-person interview. Whether you’re getting ready for an in-person interview or a phone screen, here’s what you need to know:

Breaking Down the Hiring Cycle

If you get asked for an interview, it means you’re already in some of the final stages of the hiring process. Is the request for a phone screen? Candidates are often asked to do phone interviews for a number of reasons – it can save the company time, which makes it faster to weed out recruits that are not a good match for open positions. It may be the step before your in-person interview. If the request is for a face-to-face meeting, you may be at the last or second-to-last step before potentially being hired.

Phone Interviews

Phone interviews are rising in popularity with hiring managers, so don’t feel like an employer isn’t taking you seriously if you don’t get an in-person interview request yet. Some companies will even hire off a phone

interview for high need situations with qualified candidates. Be on your toes during this one. The benefits of the phone screen? You can spread all of your research for the position out in front of you, being able to reference your resume or the company’s website quickly. However, if you’re a charismatic type, you might not get to showcase this in a phone interview as much.

In-Person Interviews

When you’re face to face, the benefits are numerous. You can convey your personality, get a feel for the location, and interact with more than the HR rep. However, the in-person interview has drawbacks, especially for some personality types. If you’re slow to warm up or soft-spoken, a typical interview may not give you a chance to shine. For an in-person interview, prepare stories of your experience for any situation-based questions, and make sure you are approachable and appropriately dressed.

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