accounting employee


Recruiting skilled positions can be challenging when you’re dealing with a challenging hiring market, and you are not certain what to look for during candidate interviews. An applicant could look great on paper but may not have the personality or practical skills you’re looking for. Your next accounting or finance employee should have these characteristics:

Hard Skills

Practiced skills are essential for accountants. While some candidates are coachable, an employee needs a solid set of abilities expected in the accounting industry:

Software Familiarity

Quickbooks, SAP, or other computer programs are common in the arena. A great accounting employee will know how to work at least one of these systems with proficiency. While a candidate may not be masterful in every system, training in software is necessary.


As any pro knows, an accountant needs to be able to perform quick calculations. That’s why training in accounting and mathematics is required for your new trainee.

Soft Skills

Experience is important, but it’s crucial to hire for fit as well. That’s why you want to recruit candidates that have strong, soft skills as well. Practice makes perfect, but a worker with serious issues adapting to your workplace won’t succeed.

Business Knowledge

A great candidate will have professional intuition and know-how to understand business decisions and navigate the politics of small and large companies. If your new accountant can understand the general proceedings, they will fit right in.

Customer Service

While not all accountants are forward-facing, it helps for them to be personable. At times, your accountant will be in contact with both your team and potentially your clients, so a friendly tone and outgoing effect can benefit your workforce.

Find Your Next Accounting Hire

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