ditching 'fake it till you make it' mentality


You want to make sure that you are confident in what you do or which position you are applying for. Sometimes this requires ‘faking it’ until you are comfortable, but why not skip that faking it part? It could cause more trouble than it is worth. There are more ways to feel self-assured during the job search:

Foster Professional Growth

The first reason you don’t want to embrace the “fake it til you make it” attitude is because you will prevent your own ability to take your career to the next level. If you’re falsely claiming you can execute a task without support, you may find yourself faltering and unable to move on. If you can’t successfully complete something, just ask for help.

Biting Off Too Much

Another reason you can’t plan to fake it is that you’ll get seriously stuck. Agreeing to take on work you cannot handle is a terrible way to advance your career path. When you obtain a management position, you want to be able to speak from experience. Instead of having a reputation for mistakes along the way, don’t fake it. Embrace your shortcomings and work to overcome them.

Create Effective Habits

Our final reason you can’t fake it until you make it? That philosophy can foster crippling habits into your professional persona. Damaging your productivity as a worker is an unforeseen consequence of taking on an air of false confidence. You want to get in the pattern of reaching out and working with your support network, as opposed to shutting others out and projecting false confidence.

Davis Will Help You Succeed

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