How You Can Motivate Employees for the New Year


A new year means new goals, and it is important to relay these goals to your employees in order to motivate them effectively. Are you searching for new ways to keep your team productive? Davis Staffing can help. 


Great workers won’t trust a coworker that doesn’t support them. To see success throughout a project or assignment, you need team cooperation. Your ticket to team motivation is encouraging your employees to work in sync. Make sure everyone stays in the loop and has access to everything they need to get the job done. Keep your workers accountable – if someone is waiting on a colleague to complete something before they can move on, get the ball rolling.  


Nothing motivates more than old-fashioned appreciation! Decades go by, and staff members have the same complaints – they don’t feel appreciated. Don’t make this same mistake in overlooking your hardworking people. Providing specific positive feedback is one of the most direct ways you can influence your people to stay on track. 


These days, professionals take an overall look at what employers have to offer and often look for more flexibility in their day-to-day life. Workers, especially millennial staff members, will seek perks like a more flexible work schedule, or a 4-day 10-hour shift. Focus less on big salary bumps and more on how you can improve the quality of a worker’s life. Exploring remote work options is more popular — and feasible — than ever, so embrace every advantage you can give your team. 

Conflict Resolution 

Stop friction in its tracks. Too many times, good managers let workforce issues slide under the rug. If you want to avoid low staff retention and high interpersonal conflict, get ahead of coworker disputes. Utilizing tools like active management, one-on-one debriefs, and mediation, you can prevent molehills from becoming mountains. Frivolous disputes often distract from the work at hand, and you need all hands on deck to foster a thriving teamwork environment. 

Motivate Your Team with the Help of Davis Staffing!

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