What Employers Are Looking For in a Warehouse Worker


Exceptional warehouse workers are tough to come by. When you’re hiring, it can be difficult to determine which applicants will be a good fit. During an interview, you’ll want to identify strengths in your candidates to determine which prospect will make a great warehouse worker. Here are the skills that make for a standout warehouse worker.


First and foremost, you’re looking for someone with the right background. When it comes to managing a warehouse, you need workers that know how to navigate a complicated environment while being aware of potential hazards. For most warehouse roles, you’ll want a candidate with at least some experience working in a warehouse or on an assembly line to prove their merit.

Physical Ability

There’s no getting around it – you need to achieve a certain level of physical ability to work in a warehouse setting. Within your posting, be sure to note these expectations. Include the weight your employee will need to lift, any extended pulling or standing, or equipment licensure and training requirements. You will also need to specify additional requirements: if workers will need to work on detailed tasks or provide proof of transportation.


As a warehouse worker, accountability is everything. No matter what your skillset maybe, simply arriving each day on the job can be more than enough to show your dedication to the company. During your interview, ask them to be punctual and see if the candidate can follow through. An employee that is consistently late can damage the productivity of your entire operation, and you don’t need inefficiency dragging your company down.

Problem-Solving Abilities

You want someone that can work well with others and adapt to any situation. A warehouse worker should be able to think on their feet and be able to adapt to new methods, technology, and equipment. To accurately assess the problem-solving abilities of a candidate, ask for examples of past conflict resolution, or try scenario-based questions that can help identify how your interviewee handles a situation.

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