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When’s the last time you updated your resume? If your answer is “I don’t remember,” you’re in trouble! But you’re not alone. A large number of professionals have outdated materials because it’s not a priority. However, even if you’re not a current job seeker, it’s essential to pull out your resume and give it a fresh look. Why? 

You never know when a new professional opportunity will arise. If someone asks you to email your resume for a prospective interview, you don’t want to have to spend two hours updating it first. Even if you’re comfortable in your role, be realistic about job security. Additionally, you may be called upon during your career to speak at a conference or serve on a committee. Often you’ll need to produce your resume. Don’t think of your resume as just a tool for job seekers – it’s a living record of your career, so it should always be fresh. Here’s how you can keep it current. 


Think about the skills you possess or any abilities you’ve acquired during your time in your current role. If you completed any tutorials or training, they might have shaped your professional experience.  


Take time to identify all of your day-to-day tasks. It can even help to write everything down on paper to get your brain flowing. There are likely ways you can add your responsibilities to your resume to show career growth and professional prowess.  


Any awards or accolades you’ve earned recently should be added to your resume. Be thorough when recalling your achievements, because any relevant awards should be included. If you have completed any special professional development sessions or have been awarded any certificates, you can update this as well.  


Maybe it’s time for a resume overhaul. If you work in a more creative industry, check out some alternative ways to present your accomplishments and abilities. You can experiment with font, color, and different designs to help you stand out as a candidate. Some employees lead with their education,  some with skills, others cut straight to the work experience. A complete reboot of your resume can breathe life into your document, so mix it up to find the look and feel that best fits your personality.  

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