A message from your marketing team comes through: someone posted a scathing comment about your business. You immediately worry about your team, your existing and potential clients, and your company’s reputation. Social media and online interactions can be dangerous and even devastating to a company, so it’s important to catch this fast and do some damage control. Here’s how you respond to a negative online review without the situation spinning out of control.  

Plan Your Response 

Your response to a negative review can often be more important than the review itself. Negative comments can be nasty, but the way you react shows your reputation as an organization. Talk to your team about a proactive way to anticipate any negative feedback, and determine who will respond, and how, when the time comes.  

A rapid and public response is the preferred method for most managers. Letting a negative review linger with no reply generally indicated guilt or uncertainty. Decisively post a thoughtful response when you find a less-than-glowing review of your company. Use our best practices to frame your answer: 

  • Acknowledge their concerns 
  • Keep things friendly and light 
  • Apologize or empathize with the thoughts and feelings expressed 
  • Offer a quick fix or a discount on future products or services 

Bickering Looks Bad 

A back and forth fight is unacceptable. It makes everyone look bad, and it’s your business that has its reputation on the line. Online fights are notoriously immature and never generate the intended outcome. Your response needs to be strong enough to stand alone, any follow-ups tend to look unprofessional. If something absolutely requires a response, send a private message to resolve the issue right away.  

Garner Positive Reviews 

One way to flush out the negativity of a bad review is to flood the field with positive ones. A great review, especially a specific one, can show your strengths. If you don’t already have a system or incentive to generate reviews, create one. Ask every customer to tell you their thoughts and write an online review about their experience. Make sure your social media profiles and links to your website are available on all company materials. Every business card, quote, and product should display information making easy for a customer to write a satisfied review.  

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