You’ve got guts! Starting a small business is no simple feat. This endeavor takes patience, courage, and a lot of business know-how. Any industry leader will tell you that you can’t do it all on your own. This is why it’s so critical for small business owners to hire an effective, trustworthy team to support productivity. Here are the most common hiring mistakes new small business owners make.

Misclassifying Employee Status

When you misclassify an employee’s status, you’re doing a disservice to yourself and your worker. Giving a worker a 1099 form can be a huge mistake if you’re not certain that it’s the right role. Do your research on how to identify different employee types and determine what tasks each worker will perform. Penalties for misclassifying an employee can include paying a large percentage of back taxes dating back up to three years.

Hiring out of Desperation

Getting the right people in the door is essential to running a small business. But recklessly hiring the first candidates to walk in can get you nowhere. Hiring out of desperation as a small business owner is a huge mistake. You need to be able to trust your workers and develop a relationship with your team to keep operations running. Be sure to screen any applicants thoroughly, asking interview questions that test their critical thinking abilities and assess their potential productivity.

Poor Hiring Processes

It’s important to hire smart and train your workers effectively so you can retain them. Think about retaining staff as you hire to prevent the “churn” of turnover. Bad job descriptions get you poor candidates. Make sure you are as descriptive as possible when outlining the job duties in your posting. You also want to sell the company – emphasize the perks of working with your organization, and make your entire listing clear and concise. Attracting candidates is simply about changing your perspective. Imagine yourself as the applicant: what would you want to see?

Use a Staffing Agency

One surefire way to amplify the quality of your job candidates is to work with a professional staffing firm, like Davis Staffing. Your Chicago small business needs highly adaptable and reliable talent fast, so teaming up with Davis Staffing is your next step. We can provide a high-quality talent pool for a multitude of roles. Contact us today if you’re ready to take this step.

Find the Best Jobs in Metro Chicago

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