Social media is the new Goliath within the hiring system. It’s impossible to find the best candidates offline these days. It’s probably been a while since someone handed you a resume on paper because technology is simply outpacing that habit. Although there are many social media platforms you can use to help access candidates, Facebook remains the dominant resource. Facebook has made it easier than ever to reach out to others personally, so why not professionally? If you’re not taking advantage of the practical tools the modern era has to offer a recruiter, you’re missing out. Your top talent is on Facebook, so simplify your hunt: meet them there. Here’s how you can effectively recruit candidates on Facebook.

Try Facebook Jobs

Facebook Jobs is a great tool that allows you to appeal directly to your desired audience. If you want to tap into Facebook, there’s no better way to do it. Writing a Facebook job advertisement helps you directly connect with talent, and it also gives you access to both active and passive job seekers. A well-crafted posting could help you snag someone that’s already employed, so make sure your content is compelling and appealing. Advertise the perks of joining your team, and know your audience well enough to tap into their interests as well.

Join Groups

Joining a group on Facebook can be a great way to converse with potential hires. Some industries have specific networking Facebook pages. You can search for groups based on industry-type, location, age group, and more. Joining a group allows you to make and comment on posts and collect insight from industry professionals. Once you’re making connections, send a private Facebook message. A quick dialogue can help you establish that networking relationship and show a potential hire that you want to offer them the right role. Start with a quick intro if you haven’t interacted already, and simply ask if the candidate is interested in a brief phone call. Setting up something informal without the pressure of a serious interview will help you both have an honest conversation about what you each have to offer.

Use Add-Ons

Your company’s professional Facebook page will benefit from increased likes and followers. The best way to expand your following is to take advantage of Facebook tech that connects you with a new wave of profiles. Facebook’s latest add-ons allow you to speak directly and immediately to the people you want to interact with.  Popular devices like “Facebook Live” and “Stories” are fun new ways to reach out to candidates on their level. A live stream is a powerful active tool that can hook viewers and attract new people to like and follow your page. The “Stories” function allows you to post quick updates with different filters and options to appeal to a younger generation of workers that can bring fresh ideas to your team.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Chicago

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