The most frustrating part of the job search is the ever-present contradiction in hiring: you need the experience to get the job, but you can’t get a job without experience. It may seem like every entry-level position requires five years of paid work in the industry even if you’ve got the right credentials. So how can you get your foot in the door if you don’t have the right experience level? You can:

Change Your Expectations

Trying to get hired but having trouble getting your foot in the door? If you have a dream of working in sales but you’re stuck in customer service, you may have trouble planning for your sales dream job. Sometimes it’s necessary to change your expectations or adjust your standards to align your path with your ultimate goal. Taking an entry-level job at your dream company might be the right move because you’ll get the exposure to the organization you need. You may also consider making a lateral job move to a different department to gain new experience. If your goal is to run operations of the entire company, you’ll want to gain experience and understand how each department runs.

Work Small Side Jobs

Internships, volunteering, and unpaid work are all quick ways to build up your skills in a certain industry. Smaller side jobs are a great alternative to a full-time or part-time paid gig. Not only do they give you the relevant experience you need, but getting a side job in your desired industry shows potential employers you’re committed to finding work anywhere you can to grow your talent.

Find Temporary Positions

Short-term gigs can get you the experience you need. Temporary positions may not seem ideal if you seek stability, but they can be key to accessing the right company or career type. Don’t forget, short-term jobs often turn into long-term roles if you impress your employer. Take on a temporary gig to develop necessary experience, especially if you aren’t sure what your next career move is.

Work With a Staffing Agency

When you feel like nothing’s working and you can’t gain the necessary experience to land a job, call in the professionals. A temporary staffing firm can assess your abilities and place you in the right role. Not only will you have access to a variety of listings, but you’ll also get that job quickly. Recruiters are experts in quickly training and employing temporary workers, so you can avoid the excruciating waiting game that often comes with the job hunt.

Find the Best Jobs in Chicago

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