Finding candidates through traditional methods can be challenging. Sifting through applications and resumes can be mind-numbing, especially when you have other responsibilities waiting for you. Taking advantage of helpful hiring resources is the number one way you can resume your regular duties. Today we want to focus on Google for Jobs. If you want your posting to be seen by millions of potential applicants, here’s how you can utilize this tool to find qualified candidates.

The Basics

Google for Jobs is a high-level search aggregate that combines all listings in one simple format to make finding the right candidate easier than ever. If you’ve already posted a listing through the most popular avenues (think Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monster), your posting will more than likely be visible through Google’s job search function. All candidates have to do is click on the Google link to your posting and begin the application process.

Optimizing Your Post

A quick Google search will show you that the Google for Jobs interface is simple to understand and helpful for applicants. Making your job listing “friendly” to the Google tool is fairly simple and intuitive. There are a few ways you can make sure your listing stands out in the Google for Jobs arena.  These include:

  • A bold, attention-grabbing logo
  • Concise job descriptions
  • Clear information on the employment type and pay range
  • Quick rundown of the benefits

A smart visual presentation will hook plenty of professionals, especially if you can make your posting skimmable and informative. If you can attract candidates quickly, you’ll see an increase in qualified workers. The general rule when it comes to enticing workers is to make things short and sweet, be transparent, and sell your organization.

How Google For Jobs Benefits You

A hiring manager knows that finding the right candidate can be an uphill battle. Google for Jobs not only makes it easier for the candidate to apply, it ensures you’re attracting great workers. Google for Jobs works because candidates are searching for a specific position, so you can feel more confident that you’ll be screening qualified applicants right at the beginning of the hiring process. You’ll also have an increased volume of job prospects because the Google for Jobs tool makes applying even easier. A higher number of qualified professionals makes your job simpler.

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