Job seekers are well aware of the challenges that come with the hiring process. It can be exhausting – submitting applications, reviewing your resume, identifying the right references. And most of the time, the employer never even gives you a call. Tired of radio silence after submitting your credentials? It’s time for a more proactive approach. Here’s what you can expect when you work with a staffing agency to find the role:


Seeking employment via a staffing agency? You can complete an application one of two ways. Candidates can apply online or in person. The online application process is always quick and concise, and you may be able to view some available listings to get a feel for fit. Prefer a more personal touch? Apply in person. You can make a great impression if you’re willing to walk in the door and set up a meeting. If you provide reliable contact information and you meet the requirements, you’ll be asked to interview in person.


Recruiters will bring you in to evaluate your credentials in a more formal setting. You’ll need to dress to impress and prove to a hiring professional to show them you’ll be a great fit for the positions they need to fill. In a staffing agency interview, highlight all of your skills from any previous positions to demonstrate your versatility. Staffing agencies often feature a wide variety of positions, so make yourself available to multiple options.


Congrats! You are chosen! Once you’re in, you’ll proceed through orientation. Bring all paperwork you’ll need – any tax forms or working papers plus ID. At orientation, employers will complete all relevant paperwork and you’ll receive your work assignment. The advantage of a staffing agency partnership is that you will typically be able to get everything done all at once – no drawn out signature sessions or bureaucratic confusion.

HR Admin (Reference Checks/Drug Screen)

Staffing agencies will often expedite the HR administrative tasks necessary for a candidate to become an employee. Reference checks will occur so that your supervisor can confirm your work ethic. All testing and screenings will depend on your industry. A clerical position may require the bare minimum, whereas a construction job will require more stringent standards. Most credible temporary staffing firms will do drug screens as well. Once you’ve completed these qualifiers, you’re good to go.

Getting Paid

As you start a job, you’ll track your work with timesheets. Payroll will provide you with direct deposit or regular paychecks. If you’re not certain how you’re getting paid or you haven’t received your check, contact the staffing agency to see if they need additional paperwork or information.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Chicago IL

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