In Chicago, there are so many opportunities to find excellent candidates that can help your organization succeed. The trick is navigating the process. The best way to bring in top talent to execute your company’s vision is to hire fast and keep costs to a minimum. Maximizing the efficiency of your hiring process will help you focus on your other responsibilities. If you’re looking to staff like a Fortune 500 company, you’ll want to take advantage of all available resources. Here’s how Chicago’s best staffing agency can help:

Hiring Quickly

All managers know the foremost struggle of the hiring process — it takes forever. Think about ways you can promptly bring the right people on board. This might include skipping a phone screen and going straight to in-person interviews, or asking for reference letters in advance so you don’t have to make calls later. To expedite the process, you can also team up with a staffing agency. Outsourcing the tricky parts of hiring helps you get qualified professionals on the job right away, and gives you time to focus on important aspects of your role. The less you have to worry about sifting through resumes, the more time you have to manage projects.

Lessening the Window

The hiring window is typically about three weeks. If you’re working in a governmental agency or higher education, it’ll be even longer. However, it’s important to select the right candidate for the job the first time to reduce turnover. You don’t want to keep applicants waiting so long they drop out, but most industries like to give HR enough time to thoroughly vet their recruits. If you want to shorten your hiring window, have a staffing agency tackle the red tape. Delegating procedural tasks like a background check or a drug test will allow you to focus on fit. This will guarantee you can minimize costs while hiring quickly.

Lower Your Costs

As much as you may want a perfect crew throughout the year, hiring is an art. It’s cheaper to retain existing staff than to hire new members. Replacing workers is an expensive business, so it’s wiser to make the right hire the first type. It’s always important to have a cohesive team. When you’re hiring, think about fit. You can always get your employees up to speed on industry trends, but you can’t force a team vibe. During interviews, ask what the candidate’s interests are, or how they handle conflicts. Gaining a better picture of the applicant will help you see how they’ll fit in with your staff.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Chicago

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