In urban areas, it can be difficult to find the right fit. Searching for the perfect position is tough, even in a flourishing market like Chicago. You’ve heard the basics: check job websites, go to networking events; you’ve heard this advice before. We’ve got some more specific tips that will help you find the right Chicago job for your talents.

Chicago’s Inside Info

In a dynamic metropolitan area, there are many options available to help you simplify your search. Check out local databases, newspapers, companies, and advertising boards. You may be able to find more specific listings that match up with your skills. If you’re stopping at Metric Coffee or Intelligentsia, look at the local want ads or flyers on the cork-board. Whether you’re looking for a position as an engineer or an entry-level job, there’s always a wide variety of help wanted within local listings.

Spread the Word

Don’t be afraid to talk about your search! One of the biggest mistakes job hunters make is being too proud to discuss their search. Talk to your friends, families, acquaintances, anyone that can provide an opportunity for you. You never know if a relative knows of an opening, or if a friend can refer you to a position. Many employers provide incentives to workers that refer job seekers like you to their company. Reach out in person over a cup of coffee, or spread the word on social media to make connections. Use your preferred networking method to take advantage of your support system to find the right fit for your skills.

Consult the Right Office

Make your job search work best for you. Take care of yourself by contacting the nearest unemployment office. You can obtain some cushion as you look for the right position, and you’ll find that the office might have beneficial resources for you. Check out the information available at any Chicago unemployment offices, and you’ll find resources about job fairs, resume tips, and service programs you may be eligible for. Employees at the unemployment office may also be able to give you the special local insight you won’t find on

Staffing Stars

When you’ve hit a wall and you feel like nothing’s working, we’ve got what you need to succeed. Working with a top Chicago staffing agency can help you break into any industry. Starting from scratch and need basic resume assistance? A staffing agency is a great place to get your bearings and have a professional help you revamp your professional portfolio. Looking to ascend in your field? Temporary staffing firms can help you explore a new level of professionalism and connect you to exclusive work opportunities.

Find the Best Temporary Jobs in Chicago

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