Hiring new staff probably isn’t your only responsibility: you’ve got paperwork to finish, tasks to complete, and meetings to lead. There’s so much on your plate that it can seem impossible to prioritize the hiring process. You might be tempted to ignore responses and postpone action items because the journey to getting a talented candidate on board is an ordeal. Are you sacrificing talented applicants in favor of your day-to-day duties? We’re here to diagnose if you’re being rude to job candidates, and how to change your ways.

Make Time for Applicants

Although they may never get hired by your organization, give candidates the time of day. Think about their perspective: someone seeking a new job is likely not getting much feedback. The job hunt can be grueling, so any feedback you can give will be welcome. Answer emails and calls to show you’re a company that appreciates people and knows how to be respectful. You also want to give them a full conversation: avoid being curt or cruel. This will help your reputation as a caring, proactive firm throughout the industry.

Stick to the Schedule

One of the biggest problems for job seekers is time management. Candidates could be hunting while they have a full-time job, or they’re applying for many positions while unemployed. Either way, it can be overwhelming. Do your part by standing by your commitments. If you schedule a phone screen, call exactly at the planned time. If you’ve requested a candidate come in for a meeting, honor that. Don’t waste someone’s time if you can help it. Candidates most likely have multiple commitments to manage, and constant rescheduling can cripple their success.

Be Decisive

One of the more rude aspects of the job search candidates experience? Radio silence. So many organizations simply don’t respond. What’s more surprising is that this happens at every stage in the hiring process: the initial application, the interview, the follow-up. Do your best to expedite this process to avoid being rude to applicants. Get your papers in order, gather your committee, and choose your new hire in an efficient manner. Don’t make the right person wait weeks to find out they’ve been selected, especially because this runs the risk of them being hired elsewhere. It’s also helpful to let people move on. If you think a candidate won’t be selected, tell them now instead of getting their hopes up.

Our Final Tip?

If you’ve got multiple qualified candidates, focus on fit. Be polite to everyone up for a position, but notice which professionals will mesh best with your team. Think about what your company culture represents, and your staff’s priorities. If you have a pool of white male applicants but you’re eager to expand diversity within your ranks, you may need to go back to the drawing board. If a candidate left their previous position on bad terms with their supervisor, you may want to select someone known for working with others in harmony.

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