The job hunt can be exhausting. After dozens of applications and several interviews, you have to sell yourself in order to prove you’re the right choice to an employer. When you’re feeling confident, it can be hard to imagine that your job search might result in a rejection. Even if you have the skills, experience, and qualifications, you might still hear a “no”. We’re here to help you prepare by knowing the main signals that indicate you aren’t getting the job.

Change in Communication

If you notice a difference in your communication with the company, you may be experiencing one of the signs indicating rejection. If communication slows down big time from the recruiter/company you’ve been in contact with, they may be brushing you off. When a hiring process moves quickly from application to phone screen to interview and suddenly the lines of communication go dead. This could mean they are no longer interested, or that they have offered the job to another candidate. When it comes to a change in communication, this also includes the method. If you used to be able to talk with the hiring manager on the phone but they are no longer available to take your call, this could mean trouble.

Notable Change in Interest Level

One of the red flags in the hiring process is a big difference in how a company expresses interest in you. Often recruiters will be keen on the most promising talent initially but will narrow their focus to their ideal choice after an interview. If you talk with a potential employer and they will only give you a few minutes of their time, it’s likely you’re not their primary option. If they show no interest at all, you may need to change course and refocus your efforts back on the job hunt.

What Can I Do?

First, don’t get clingy. Focus on the big picture and realize maybe it wasn’t the right fit. Don’t let your vision narrow to the point where you’re not exploring all of your options. Making multiple follow-up calls or sending out more than one email that goes unanswered is a mistake. Even if you didn’t get the position, being incessant may knock you off their radar, and therefore out of contention for a future position at that same organization. Additionally, it’s important that you don’t rely on one job. Whether you’re unemployed or seeking a different job, the hunt for a new position can be like a full-time job. With that in mind, commit to keeping your search going until you get an offer and accept. Don’t leave any room for error that could leave you back at square one.

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