Leadership comes with immense responsibility, and it can be satisfying to run the show. Being a leader can mean facilitating a well-oiled machine, but it can also put you in a rough spot. There’s truth to the old saying, “It’s lonely at the top”. It’s easy to lose friends when you’re in a top management position, and you may be wondering how to communicate with your team on their turf. Davis Staffing is here to provide the top four tips on how to strike up a meaningful connection with your team.

1. Follow Up

Follow up on previous conversations you’ve had with employees. If your accountant took a vacation, take some time to ask them about it. If you recently chatted with your receptionist about a novel, reach out again. This tactic can be particularly effective when you’re looking to expand your network or move up the chain of command. Those personal connections foster a deeper relationship with your workers, which can improve morale. Additionally, the next time your organization faces turmoil, your staff will remember that you’re only human. Demonstrate patience and thoughtfulness with your people, and they’ll return that compassion. Show you can listen to them, and they’ll be more willing to confide in you down the line.

2. Touch Base

Ask what they have learned recently. Too often, colleagues go unnoticed during a big undertaking or a lengthy project. Discussing recent successes or experiences is a terrific way to connect in the workplace. Perhaps a trade show or workshop has passed, or maybe an employee has a new idea they are eager to implement. Listen and provide helpful advice to foster a relationship. Sometimes shop talk can be exhausting, so avoid being overbearing or micromanaging.

3. Ask for More

This goes along with following up on previous conversations. A great way to be a compassionate leader is to prevent those awkward conversational lulls. Your workers will see through a half-hearted attempt to make small take, so focus on trying to truly engage with the people that help your organization run. Don’t forget your sense of humor! Break the ice with a joke or a fun activity during your next meeting. It’s important to stay on task, but it’s also just as important to know when it’s time for a break. Running your staff ragged isn’t good for business.

4. Keep it Open

Open-ended questions allow for a continuous flow of dialogue. If you’re trying to develop a rapport with your staff while asking questions like, “Are you having a good day?”, staff can easily cut you off. Ask questions that are open and interesting to stimulate them. Small talk may be great for the water cooler, but a great leader doesn’t just chat with his workers, he or she understands them. A great way to strike up a solid conversation with an employee is to ask what their favorite part of the job is, or how they prefer to work. You can connect with them while listening to their input.

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