Company culture can be a mark of pride for an organization that strives to be different and meet the expectations of the staff and their clients. If you’ve got a corporate environment you’re proud of and are vying to cultivate a certain image, you want to make sure you’re drawing in people that fit the environment.

The Headline

There are thousands of jobs screaming for attention from job seekers – both active and passive candidates. In the headline, use words that are more specific than generic. A boring, general title such as “Sanitation” won’t be as effective as “Quality Assurance Inspector.” Also, stick to 25-30 characters. Anything longer and it can get cut off on a mobile device or be ignored. Anything shorter can be too general and not invoke any interest.

The Job Description

Start by evaluating what you’re looking for in a new hire, and how you can market that personality or skill set when you reach out to applicants. Are you looking for a seasoned professional with a particular experience base, or a part-time staffer that fits your casual, fun corporate culture? Communicate that by cultivating an image of what a day looks like at your company. Create a description that will indicate what a potential employee can expect. Applicants want to feel like they’ll understand what they’re walking into, and know what life will be like as they envision themselves holding a position there.

On top of that description, talk about the benefits of working with the company. What is the pay? What are the benefits? Is there a chance for career advancement? Giving that information as early as possible will entice job candidates to apply for the opening.

When creating the job description, make it easy to read. Use bullet points. Get to the point. Short and direct makes it easy for job candidates to learn about your position and also makes it easy for the candidate to read on their mobile device.


What does your organization bring to the table? You may have many potential employees vying for a spot, but don’t forget to sell your best aspects as well. Advertising what you have to share with your people will angle your post and hopefully bring out the best potential hires for you and your business. Discuss profit sharing, or your complimentary Taco Tuesday – anything that will promote your brand and entice the right people.

Be yourself in the job description and that will lead to candidates who are drawn to your company culture. If you aren’t honest at that time, it can lead to the wrong fit.

Streamlining your Process

Even when you have a pool of candidates to choose from, don’t forget your mission. Reflect on what kind of person you need for this role, and remember that through the interview process. If you find you’re sitting with a candidate that simply isn’t going to fit, don’t second guess yourself. Go with your gut and hold out for a winner, because you’ll be far less satisfied if a hire doesn’t work out and you have to restart the entire process. Invest time and energy into the hiring decision and you will be rewarded.

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