After years of working in the same old career, or years of taking a break from the working world, you are ready to re-enter the job search race again. This can be an exciting time, filled with much anticipation. After all, you have amazing skills and any employer will be lucky to have you. But, as you face the possibility of looking for work, somehow fear starts to creep in and you begin to get overwhelmed.

How can you get back in the saddle with your career? Read our tips for successfully re-entering the workforce.

1. Use your networks

There’s something to be said about networking. Not only is it good for maintaining personal contacts, but it’s also great for establishing professional connections. Take the time to review your social networks and improve your profile by cleaning up anything potentially offensive or negative, adding a nice photo of yourself and reaching out to new contacts in your chosen career field. Join a few job search and industry groups as well. Network offline at business mixers and job fairs.

2. If you are unemployed/underemployed

While you may be currently unemployed or underemployed, take heart by knowing options are available that can help you re-enter the workforce. Consider entry-level jobs in the region. You can always take on a temporary assignment that will enable you to get back into the working world, while learning new skills and earning a good paycheck. Many companies offer permanent work through a temp-to-hire job status.

3. Spend time reading daily

It may seem like a leisure activity, but focusing time each day reading through job boards, career websites and industry blogs can help you get acquainted with working again. Many blogs also offer subscriptions to free career newsletters. At the very least, you will have picked up new tips for your career, and you will find out what’s trending in your area of interest.

4. Develop a strong professional brand

During your search for a new job and career path, one of the things that will help you stand out is a strong professional brand. Consistently share ideas, content and commentary on your chosen industry. Use any areas of expertise to elevate yourself above peers. Create a blog and write consistently about these ideas. Make sure you are making a positive impact and that others learn about you through the effort you make to be a thought leader.

5. Find a career mentor

Getting back into a career isn’t easy, and it takes support of others to get there. As soon as possible, find a mentor in someone who you admire and can learn from. Mentors are generally found through social networking, participating in industry associations and being active in local business groups. You may even find a mentor just by searching for someone who embodies where you see yourself in a few years. Mentors are seasoned professionals who are well-connected.

The above tips are just some guidelines for getting back out into the job market. Another great way to help your job search is by partnering with a staffing agency in Chicago. At Davis Staffing, we have a great team of recruiters who are ready to help with your job search. Contact us today to get started!