Any company will need temporary workers from time to time. A sudden rush, peak times, shortage of manpower, employees calling in sick or going on abrupt leaves, sporadic business growth and any other operational demands can call for temporary workers. Now, companies and the temporary workers, both parties are aware that it is a contractual or time-bound arrangement, and it is not perennial. In such a scenario, it is very normal for companies to ignore their temporary workers. Also, it is obvious that temporary workers will not learn as much about the business or feel as connected as full-time permanent workers. Companies must initiate an attempt to make the temporary workers feel welcome, comfortable and compassionate about the work or at least dedicated to the business. That kind of sincerity will help companies to get the best out of their temporary workers.

Here are a few ways companies can make temporary workers feel welcome and then derive the best from them.

Make a Great First Impression

The initial correspondences are very important. How the temporary workers are welcomed physically, what kind of interaction they have with others and with the employers, the briefs or introductions they get and the manner in which they are made to feel a part of the organization or otherwise, will determine the level of engagement. It is very common for temporary workers to feel that they are unwanted or not integral to the business. This makes temporary workers feel less concerned about the business. You can easily avert this disconnect with a induction session, where the temporary workers are briefed about every relevant policy or information about the company. The temporary workers could be given a tour of the building or the premises and can be shown where the pantry is, the vending machines are and anything or everything which the workers will get access to.

Introduce Temporary Workers to Everyone

• Temporary workers must meet the employees, department heads and more importantly, the owners. Most temporary workers deal with their immediate bosses or managers. The employers or owners don’t have to deal with temporary workers but a quick few words for introduction and getting them acquainted would never hurt any company. On the flipside, the temp workers will feel respected and will consider their place worthwhile.

Provide Some Perks

• Temporary workers should be given a few perks that other permanent employees get. For instance, they can get their own desks, corporate T-shirts or pens, can work with a mentor or get some incentives like the permanent employees. Temporary workers could also be included in group activities or meetings to make them feel welcome. Having a written policy on these perks will avoid any future disputes and make the guidelines clear for everyone.

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