Embrace Your Next Networking Event

Let’s face it – a job search is a long and often frustrating process. Some people start out strong, but then over time they start to lose motivation to even continue applying for jobs. Others stick in there until they get a job, any job.

Where are you in your job search currently? Are you starting to put things off, avoiding your email your email, or even becoming a little depressed about things?

It’s natural to procrastinate a little. But now is not the time. You need a job, a good job, and the only way that’s going to happen is if you treat your job search like it’s a job itself.

#1 – Start each day early, get dressed, and get going.

If you want to get a head start on other job seekers, you need to treat each day like it’s your best. Set your alarm, get up by 8 a.m., shower, get dressed, and be ready to hit the ground running. Grab your coffee and start combing through the online job boards first. Then send emails with your resume and fill out those applications.

#2 – Get your task list completed.

Many people find it helpful to put together a job search task list to stay motivated and focused. It can be easy to get distracted by other things, but you must keep your eyes on the prize – a new job! Create a task list that starts with editing your resume, adding it to online job boards, sending it to recruiters on social networks, applying for jobs on temporary agency websites, and writing cover letters. Then follow up with employers you have interviewed with, or those that seem to be interested in you.

#3 – Find your job search tribe.

A job search can be a lonely experience. Each week, take time to check in with your friends who are also seeking employment. Get out of the house and head for business mixers where you are bound to run into business owners looking for good people. Connect with job search networks online. Find support with your staffing agency by checking in frequently to let them know you are available.

#4 – Understand what motivates you.

Sometimes, the very thought of looking for a job or dealing with another disappointing round of interviews is enough to make people quit. This is a defeatist attitude you can avoid. Learn what motivates you, such as money, nice dinners, short trips or something else. Reward yourself with the things that motivate you when you have accomplished the things you need to do for your job search.

If you follow the above tips, and really stay dedicated and focused in your job search, you’ll find yourself with a brand new job offer. Some people will find success earlier than others, but staying focused to the search will lead to a positive result.

At Davis Staffing, we continually recruit talented, hardworking professionals. If you are looking for the next step in your job search to find a career in Chicago, contact us today and we will get started!