Chicago Ranks Nationally in Temporary Jobs

There’s good news for the Chicago job market! Based on a recent workforce survey conducted by a major job board, Chicago ranks high on the list of metropolitan areas that are experiencing an explosion in the number of jobs available.  Temporary jobs are on the rise too, by as much as 12 percent during the last year. In 2015 to 2019, temp jobs are expected to grow at around 13 or higher percent in Chicago and other large cities where companies are moving in to create more jobs.

Chicago leads the way for new jobs

According to Staffing Talk, “Twenty metro areas have a concentration of temporary jobs that are greater than the 2 percent national growth.” Because it is a major manufacturing area, Chicago tops the list for a high concentration of temporary jobs. There is a 3.4 percent increase in demand in the Chicago and Naperville IL region for 2015. In fact, experts note that the demand for temporary workers will be two for every five people hired this coming year.

Top growing jobs in Chicago

The jobs with the most demand for temporary workers include those in healthcare, like nurses and home health aides. In the technology sector, hot temporary jobs include computer system analysts, software developers, and computer user support specialists. Manufacturing jobs in Chicago that top the list are machinists, maintenance mechanics, and other related laborers such as truck drivers and warehouse personnel. Administrative, customer service, and management jobs abound in the Chicago area as well.

Economic outlook for Chicago

Much of the Chicago area (similar to most of the country) is still rebounding from pre-recession conditions, but the job market is taking the lead with many part-time, full-time, and temp-to-perm careers available for hard-working people. The Chicago Tribune reports that retailers in this area expect high growth, which is a sign that consumer spending is up and that jobs are plentiful. When consumers have extra income, they are also looking for real estate, great education for their kids, and good healthcare – all factors that encourage economic growth in the Chicago area.

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