Illinois Economy Still Strong In Industry Jobs

The state of Illinois has experienced its ups and downs during the last decade due to fluctuations in the nation’s economy. But according to a recent workforce survey, Illinois has done a better job than most states in keeping up with light industrial job opportunities for workers.

Illinois is a Top State for Industrial Jobs

The U.S. Census Bureau indicates that Illinois is tied for fourth place with other leading states for having the most industrial work opportunities. This is despite efforts from several manufacturing firms to shift operations to countries like Mexico, China and the Philippines where the tax base and worker wages are much lower than in the United States. The top states with the most industrial jobs were Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, and California. The combined income generated by all industrial jobs in Illinois in 2012 was around $28 billion, according to Census figures.

These figures spell good news for millions of industrial workers in Illinois, including those who work in entry level industrial jobs and temporary assignments, which are also on the upswing. According to Greg Baise, the CEO of the Illinois Manufacturer’s Association, the industrial sector represents a major force in the economy of the state. Industrial products represent well over 10 percent of the state gross product, leading to multiple layers of related jobs and companies that serve this market.

Reasons for Industrial Job Growth in Illinois

Some of the factors that are contributing to the growth and development of industrial market in Illinois include the Chicago digital manufacturing lab, located on Goose Island, which has received $80 million in federal funds for redevelopment in manufacturing technology. Additionally, digital manufacturing has picked up as a result of advances in technology and robotics, which are making industrial jobs safer and more efficient. On top of these factors, the Baby Boomers who have worked in industrial facilities across the state are nearing retirement daily and this leaves the door open for a younger workforce to come in to take on entry and mid-level jobs.

As a state, Illinois is clambering after skilled industrial labor sources. The job market has become candidate driven, meaning there are plenty of temporary and permanent industrial and light industrial jobs to be had in Illinois. Look for these opportunities by getting signed up as an employee with Davis Staffing in Chicago.