In today’s difficult economy, many people are forced to work multiple jobs to make a decent living. In many cases, these can be very different types of job and in multiple industries. This can benefit some people and it can really hurt others. For the most part, it is best for you to just work one career at a time. There are plenty of reasons why this is the case and we will discuss all of them in this post.

Projects Begin to Blend

If you are working two careers, projects might start to blend into each other. This means that you could make major mistakes at one of your jobs by including information from a project at another company. When this happens, you could be sacrificing your employment status and the result of the project with the company. If you blend projects, unknowingly, you might not catch the mistake until it is too late. When you work just one job, you will never have trouble remembering which project information you should bring with you to an important meeting.

Attention Can Wander

When juggling more than one job, it is very possible that your attention will wander when at one job or the other. This means that you will find yourself worrying or thinking about tasks from your other place of employment instead of the one where you are working right now. If you do decide to work two jobs, you need to make it clear to yourself which job is your regular 9-5 job and which one is your secondary job.

Violating Company Policies

Not everyone realizes it, but you might be violating company policies by working a second job, especially if it is in close relation to your 9-5 job. When you work a second job that is in the same industry as your 9-5 job, this might cause a violation of a non-compete agreement that you signed with your employer. It is always best to disclose a second job with your employer prior to accepting the offer of employment in the event that it could break a non-compete agreement.

Not Enough Time in the Day

Trying to work two jobs can lead to not having enough time during the day to complete everything on your task list. When this happens, your job(s) could be in jeopardy. If you are working a second job and cannot complete a task, be sure to explain to your employer why this happened. Do not provide any excuses or ridiculous stories to save yourself from being fired.

Sacrifices at Work

Working two jobs will require you to make sacrifices. Sometimes, these sacrifices will affect one or both of your jobs and can be a detriment to your career. It would be wise to quit the job that provides you with less hours or lower compensation to save you time and frustration.