How do you know what you are worth in the job market today? This can be tricky to figure out, but it can be done, especially for manufacturing workers in Indiana. Indiana is home to many companies that employ workers in the manufacturing field and the salaries are right in line with the national average of $50,000 per year.

What Am I Worth?

Many people wonder what they are worth when working in the manufacturing field in Indiana and other areas of the mid-West. There are various levels of these jobs and thousands of different job titles within the industry today. Some of the most common manufacturing positions include a development program engineer, a manufacturing engineer, a manufacturing associate, a director of manufacturing process systems, a senior manufacturing project engineer and many others.

Depending on the title of your job, your experience, and the level of the position, you could be worth more than you are being paid right now. Take a look at the salary information presented in this post and determine whether or not you are being paid what you are worth at your manufacturing job.

Manufacturing Salaries in Indiana

Some of the highest salaries in the state of Indiana are paid to Manufacturing Engineers. These positions require the person working the job to work on the design and operation of integrated systems. Such systems include computers, machinery, networks, robots and equipment that handles materials. Some manufacturing engineers might be hired to design circuit boards, automate a chemical manufacturing company and much more.

This position is compensated fairly nicely, with an average annual salary of a little more than $67,000. Some of these positions, depending on which company you work at in Indiana, could pay closer to $55,000 per year on average. One of the highest paying manufacturing jobs in the state is that of the principal manufacturing engineer. These employees are responsible for analyzing the current state of the company’s manufacturing process while ensuring safety, costliness, quality and delivery are still met. This position has an average annual salary in Indiana of more than $91,000.

One of the manufacturing jobs in Indiana that pays hourly is that of the manufacturing associate. This position pays a little more than $12 per hour, which is in the middle of the national range of $11-$14 per hour. The position of manufacturing intern pays monthly compensation averaging $3,745 per month. Interns can work anywhere from three to six to 12 months per year depending on the program and the requirements of their school.

If you are in the manufacturing field in the state of Indiana, be sure you check some of the average annual salaries so you can determine if you are being paid what you are worth within the industry. Then get in touch with Davis Staffing, a leading source of well-paying Indiana manufacturing jobs.