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Going on a job interview can be exciting, nerve-wracking, stressful and thrilling all at once. Every job seeker knows that they should be prepared for the interview by doing some research about the company prior to meeting with the interviewer. This preparation often includes having multiple copies of your resume and cover letter with you for the interview. You never know if you will be meeting with more than one person during your interview. However, did you also know that you need to have a few questions handy to ask too?

There are four vital questions you should ask the interviewer that will help you determine if the company is a good fit for you. Asking these questions can improve your career experience for the long term.

Question #1 – If I start tomorrow, what should my top priority for success be?

For starters, this questions proves to the interviewer how interested you are in the position. Secondly, the answer from the interviewer could provide you with a glimpse into how the position is being handled right now and where it is headed. If the interviewer does not have much to say, it could be that he or she is trying to hide something. This could be a warning sign right off the bat.

Question #2 – What changes will the new hire have to make to the job?

The answer to this question will shed some light onto why the previous person left the position or was let go from the position. If the interviewer lays out a long list of items that seem like too much for the salary being offered, then you might not be a good fit for the company. Also, if you can figure out why the previous person is no longer in the position just from the interviewer’s answer, you should be able to determine if the company is a fit for you.

Question #4 – What stands out about me that says I may not be the perfect fit for the job?

This can be a very scary question to ask during an interview, but it can be very beneficial to the candidate. By asking this question you can alleviate any reservations the interviewer might have about you and it will show the interviewer that you are open to constructive criticism. It also shows the interviewer that you want to improve upon what you are told. If the interviewer goes on-and-on with a long list, then this company might not be a fit for you.

Question #4 – What are the two traits most necessary to perform this job well?

When you ask the interviewer this question you will be able to figure out exactly what the company is looking for in the candidate. If an interviewer says that you need to be ‘creative’ and ‘intuitive,’ then it could mean that you will be working on your own. If the interviewer says that you need to be ‘collaborative’ and ‘patient,’ then you will probably be working as part of a team and will be given directions often. Depending on the answer you receive, and if you like that answer or not, you will be able to determine if the company is a fit for you.

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