Tips from an Illinois Staffing Agency:

Finding a job in today’s recovering economy can still be a difficult task, but it does not have to be downright impossible. When you come across a job opening that interests you, be sure to perform a little research about the company before you even apply. Then, do even more research prior to the interview in an effort to identify the overall culture at the company.

Why is all this research so important? It can save you a lot of time and energy if the culture does not fit your personality or work style.

Snoop Around the Company’s Website

One of the best methods of determining a company’s culture is to visit the website prior to the interview. Many companies share information what it would be like to work for them, how the values of the company shine each day, and more on the corporate website. This information is typically found near the ‘About Us’ page or near the ‘Careers’ page on the website. Some companies even offer a life description with each job posting. It explains what life would be like to work that specific job at the company.

Find the Company on Facebook and LinkedIn

Another way to determine the company’s culture is to find it on LinkedIn and Facebook. This will help you connect with current and former employees, see what projects the company is currently working on, who has been promoted and much more. You might also come across some employees you know and can connect with them privately to talk about the company culture. Check out any company social accounts and get a feel for the corporate culture and values to see if you would fit in.

Do a Search on Industry Forums and Review Sites

Even though you should take what is posted online about companies with a grain of salt, you still might be able to come across some valuable information this way. If you log onto forums that discuss companies and begin to find common threads across reviews from current and former employees, then this is something to take into account before applying at the company or scheduling an interview. See what employees have to say about work conditions, culture, and career growth.

Find Company Blogs

Oftentimes, a company will task one or more employees with running the company blogs. This can help you determine what the company culture is like, simply by reading various blog posts from the company. Some companies have their CEOs operate blogs as well, posting content about the company and even its culture in some instances.

Check with the Staffing Agency

If you are going through a temporary staffing agency to find work, this can be a valuable source of information about the corporate culture. Ask your staffing representative to share some insight about the corporate environment, work values, and unique nature of any company you may be working for in the near future. Find out about any new assignments and how your skills and personality may be a good match there.

Try to Answer Questions about the Company

When researching the company prior to an interview using any of the above methods, you should have a list of questions that need to be answered with what you find. Those questions should include any of the following:

-Have there been recent layoffs?

-When was the company founded?

-Who are the company’s customers?

-Who are the company’s competitors?

-How many employees are at the company?

-Are there any key events in the company’s history?

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