Once you’ve decided to work with a temporary workforce, it’s time to organize the process for managing temp employee onboarding. The temps who will be joining your organization were carefully selected out of numerous candidates, specifically because they have the right skills and knowledge to do a great job for your business. Therefore, you will want to make an effort to make their time at your company a pleasant and productive one.

Putting together a temp employee onboarding kit doesn’t take a great deal of effort, but it does make a big difference. Studies have shown that when employees have access to well-managed onboarding, they tend to ramp up their productivity quickly and stay engaged in their assignments. They also develop above-average work habits and understand how critical they are to the success of your company goals. Research indicates that:

  • Close to 90 percent of all employees make the decision to leave a new job within 6 months from their first day. (Aberdeen Group)
  • Almost 70 percent of all employees who went through a structured onboarding program were retained for at least 3 years. (BTS)
  • Organized onboarding programs can greatly reduce employee turnover for 57 percent of all new hires. (Workforce)

To build a temp employee onboarding kit, you will want to consider the assignment type and length of the contract. Your staffing agent can also provide you with some advice on how to handle onboarding of new temps so that they provide the best return on investment to your business. Here are some ideas for your onboarding kit.

Welcome Letter

Make a positive impression by welcoming each temp employee to your company. This can be handled by writing a personal welcome letter to the temp, with an overview of the company and its mission. Provide your direct contact information and invite the temp to talk to you about any concerns or questions he or she may have.

Orientation Schedule

To help temps settle in quickly, schedule an orientation day. Provide an agenda that lists the order of events for the first day on the job. Give the temp a tour around your business facility introducing key personal and the management team. Show the temp around any production areas, noting safety precautions and vital areas they will be working in.

Job Duties and Goals

As part of your onboarding program for temp employees, give them a print out that describes the total job duties, responsibilities and goals of their new assignment. Go over this in detail and stress how their performance matters to your business. Let the temp know you support their success and are available if they need resources to make this happen.

Employee Manual

Break up your onboarding by sharing your printed employee manual with temps and going over all corporate policies in detail. Stress your corporate environment as a secure, substance free, and professional place to work. Have temps sign off that they have had this information explained to them. You may also choose to share safety, harassment, and other policy videos with temps.

Remember to make your temp employees feel valued during their time with your company. Stress to other employees that temps deserve the same respect they get. Give temps a company t-shirt, pens, and a great desk to work at while they are with you. Offer them a rewarding experience.

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