If you’ve been working on temporary assignments for Davis Staffing for any length of time, then you already know that it’s beneficial for your career for a number of reasons. While getting a steady paycheck and staying active in the job market are just a couple of these benefits, there are many other perks to working as a temp. Let’s review some of the reasons why temp work is good for your long term career goals.

Keeps your skills relevant and sharp in the industry.

When you are actively working in your industry, even in a temporary assignment, you are forced to keep your skills up-to-date. Project work can help you to stay sharp and prepares you for bigger and better assignments in your field of interest.

Demonstrates your ability to be a self-starter.

Employers like to see candidates who are go-getters and work hard to achieve their career goals. Therefore, if they see that you are proactive about your career by taking temporary assignments, this plays in your favor. You are viewed as a self-starter because you are going after your career dreams.

Try before you commit to a career or organization.

A temporary assignment can be the perfect way to try on a potential career before you commit to a full time permanent job. This helps you to earn valuable experience and insight that can help guide you in your career.

Makes you a more desirable candidate to hiring managers.

It’s a fact that candidates who are actively working are viewed as more desirable to recruiters. A report was published by SmartRecruiters that indicated 82 percent of recruiters, human resource and hiring managers reported discrimination against unemployed candidates.

Shows others your willingness to learn new things.

Temporary assignments generally require you to learn new skills and take on new tasks. This can be a boon to your career because you can add these new skills to your resume. Even one new skill can lead to a new job later down the road.

Gives you an edge in your field because you are ahead of trends.

While you are waiting for your dream job, temporary assignments can give you the chance to stay current with industry trends. This approach helps you to gain an edge over other candidates who may be losing touch with the industry as they wait for a job to come along.

Connects you with more companies that are looking for talent.

Temporary assignments can put you in the right place at the right time as you are working and networking with others. A potential employer may encounter your work as you complete a temporary assignment and ask you to come in for an interview.

As you consider the positives of taking temporary assignments, you’ll want to choose a quality staffing agency to work for. There are a wide variety of part time, full time, and short term temporary assignments available that can support a successful career. If you are looking for temp agencies near Chicago, contact Davis Staffing today.