The big day has come and you’ve gone to a job interview with a company you’ve been dreaming about working for. Now that you’ve completed the interview, and did your very best to “wow” the hiring manager; now what? For many candidates, this is only the beginning of days and weeks of waiting for a job offer.

The good news is that there are some things you can be doing to increase your chances of being hired at said dream company. Use this checklist to help you get through the next few days following an interview.

  1. Follow up immediately with a written Thank You card sent to the person(s) who interviewed you. This thoughtful action helps you to remain fresh in the hiring manager’s mind, and it makes you look like a real pro.
  2. Write down all the important points you reviewed during the interview, and any questions you struggled to answer. This is a good way to improve your interviewing skills and to recall anything that went well in anticipation of being asked back for a second interview.
  3. Follow up with an email to the hiring manager to thank him or her for taking the time to meet with you personally to go over the qualifications of the assignment, and how excited you are that out may have a chance to work for their company soon. Make sure you invite the interviewer to get in touch with you (at their convenience) for a follow up interview or to ask any additional questions they may have. Attach a copy of your references and let them know your references will be expecting a call soon.
  4. Inform all your references with a personal phone call that they may be hearing from the recruiter in the coming days and that their response is vital to your getting a job offer.
  5. Make sure your email spam folders are not blocking out any potential emails from the recruitment team. Check your email several times a day, including your spam folder.
  6. Be available and responsive to any phone calls or emails from the recruiter. Time is of the essence in a hiring decision and you do not want to miss the opportunity to speak directly with the recruiter, should there be any additional requests.
  7. Keep searching for work opportunities, take on contract assignments and interview with potential employers as often as possible until you get the job offer you desire.
  8. If you are on a temporary contract, advise your staffing agent that you are seeking permanent work and when you interview, make sure you advise the agent so you can receive support with your job search.
  9. Take advantage of all the resources you can obtain from your temporary staffing agency, such as resume writing and interview prep classes, professional skills assessments, and group support with other job seekers.
  10. Call the recruiter no more than once per week to follow up on the status of the assignment, following the interview.

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