The most recent recession may be on the mend, but the effects of the recession have remained in the country’s job market. Job seekers are now experiencing the many differences in how employers are recruiting employees, and how difficult it is to get a good job, even when they are completely qualified for it. There is not only more competition, but employers are using different tactics for recruiting. Therefore, the job search has changed dramatically for everyone involved. Many of the changes in recruiting employees and searching for employment are thought to be permanent and will forever change how people look for and get hired for jobs.

Job Seekers Have More Competition

Although the job market is steadily rising following the recession and more jobs are becoming available, there is also more competition than ever before. In order to have a good chance of being hired for the job you are interviewing for, you have to prove to the recruiter or employer that you have more experience, skills, and dedication than your competition. It is becoming exceedingly more difficult to stand out from the crowd and come out on top, making the job search more complicated. You might be qualified for the job position, but chances are, your competition is equally qualified.

Job Seekers Must Have a Social Media Presence

Following the recession, human resource departments are being bombarded with job applications and resumes as job seekers look for employment. This has led to the popularity of using social media for recruiting employees, and therefore requires that job seekers use this to their advantage. Having a social media presence offers you the chance to create a professional portfolio about your experience and skill set that makes you a desirable candidate for the job you are qualified for.

The increase in competition, as well as lack of jobs post-recession, has also made networking that much more important. Job seekers should go through the right networking channels and build professional relationships with individuals in similar industries as the one they are interested in. This allows for optimum success in obtaining the job they want.

Job Seekers Must Leverage Transferable Skills

If you have a unique skill set that is only beneficial for very specific job descriptions, you may find it more difficult to get a job position matching your skills. Nowadays, it is more important than ever to have skills that are transferable and will pertain to many different types of jobs. This gives you more opportunities for advancement and offers skills that recruiters understand will be more beneficial to their company and the positions available. If your job position suddenly becomes obsolete, having transferrable skills may give you the option to stay at your company by switching job descriptions.
Job Seekers Must Customize their Resume and Cover Letters

Generic, cookie-cutter resumes and cover letters are no longer getting job seekers into interviews as recruiters and hiring managers see hundreds just like them. In order to stand out as a potential job candidate, you need to tailor your resume and cover letter specifically for the job position you are applying for; continue to customize it for each job you want. While you can start with the standard resume, you will need to make the resume unique for the position and company you are applying for, including showing skills that pertain to that job position specifically.

The recession is over and companies throughout the country are beginning to expand their staff, but this doesn’t mean the job search is going to be easy. In order to be recognized as a potential candidate, stand out from your competition and prove to the employer that you are the perfect person for the job.

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