safety trainings

Protecting your team is always the top priority, but day-to-day tasks can distract from the overarching mission of safety and efficiency within your organization. For National Safety Month, we’re reviewing how often you need to provide safety training for your team.

Regular Training Standards

Generally, training should occur on an annual basis. A once-per-year refresher on all general operations is required to maintain OSHA compliance. You can use this time to make sure everyone is up-to-date on licensure and procedure and even provide supplemental training where necessary. One annual mandated training for all staff is the best way to ensure full understanding and compliance.

Exceptions to the Rule

While an annual training should cover your bases, there are exceptions where you’ll have to provide additional safety training:

New Operations

If there is new equipment on-site or a change in current procedure, you’ll need to add an additional training to make sure your employees know what standard operating procedure looks like within OSHA guidelines.

On-Site Accident

An incident on the job with a worker or client will require a refresher for all staff to address the issue and prevent future occurrences. This may not be necessary every time there is a small slip-up, but this should be standard practice when there is a major violation or a workplace injury.

Industry-Wide Concerns

External incidents may cause a policy change or just act as a reminder to brush up on your safety training. Often if there is a serious injury in the industry, the higher-ups will call on employers like you to re-issue training in that area.

More Safety Guidance

Looking for additional ways to emphasize safety on your team?