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When you’re on the hunt for a new position, it can be exhausting trying to decode mysterious job posts. From feeling under-qualified to feeling overwhelmed, looking through listings can be a real nightmare! Between managers asking for ten years of experience or a specific degree, it can be tough to figure out what an employer needs to fill this role. Vague listings are the worst offender in the job market confusion. If you want to apply to clerical positions in your area, we can give you an inside look at the soft skills you’ll need to impress a recruiter. 

Clear Communication 

Every professional should know and emphasize the importance of clear and concise communication. Knowing what to say and how to say it can get you hired. This translates in simple ways you may not even think of. Scheduling the interview over a phone call, your emails back and forth with HR representatives: every bit of discussion communicates the way you deal with people. You can also highlight your communication abilities by talking about your strengths in working with others.  

The Ability to Plan and Execute 

Follow-through is vital in clerical roles. It is always easy for a project to get lost in the shuffle. It’s up to you to showcase your ability to follow-up on your plan and see it through to successful completion. Being able to adapt and problem-solve when changes arise will make you an excellent clerical worker and an even better team member. 

Managing Multiple Opportunities 

One soft skill that’s terrific to have as a clerical worker is the ability to multitask. These positions almost always require versatility, so your ability to switch things up will be crucial. If you’re not talented at completing simultaneous tasks, find a way to manage your time effectively, and practice dividing your attention. In an interview, you can discuss what time management system keeps you efficient to help you stand out among your peers.  

Davis Staffing Can Find You the Right Clerical Job

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