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These days, it’s not enough to rely on your resume: you need to stand out as a polished and prepared candidate. Creating a successful routine is the best way to ace an interview. The best habits are the ones ingrained in our daily routine. When you create a habit, you can rely on that behavior going forward in your personal life as well as your professional life. 

1. Clear and Concise Communication

First, you want to shake yourself from any negative communication habits. If you mumble, fidget, or ramble, it can cost you in an interview. Time is money to potential employers. Interviewees need to master the art of effective communication. If you can’t answer a question directly or sum up your point, you won’t get the job. Practice a 30-second elevator pitch that can come in handy during job fairs or networking events: who are you, what are your skills, what are your goals? If you can project confidence in your speech, listeners can focus on your accomplishments. 

2. Determination

Persistence is key for every aspect of the job search: 

Applications: Try, try again! Apply for every position that fits your skillset, and don’t feel discouraged if you don’t receive a response. 

Interviews: Your personality is everything when you’re in an interview so stay focused and make your desire for the position clear. Don’t forget your thank you cards as well! 

Follow-ups: Don’t just wait around for a response, send a respectful email to the human resources contact to find out when you can expect more information. 

3. Positive Attitude

Stay enthusiastic and emphatic during your interview. Even if you struggle with a tough question or make a gaffe, maintain a positive outlook. A great outlook can get you far in the professional world – employers are often seeking candidates that can take difficulties in stride and move forward. You’ll also want to be kind to everyone you encounter throughout your time at the interview, from the CEO to the custodian. You never know whose opinion your potential employer will want to hear. 

4. Be Prepared

The habit of showing up to your interview prepared will always be beneficial. On every front, take the time to prep before your interview! If you have a phone screen scheduled, take ten minutes beforehand to get yourself in the right headspace and think about potential questions. Plan your answers, but don’t let yourself sound too rehearsed. Spread out your materials for a phone interview so you can refer to points from your cover letter and resume, and make sure your reception is good. For an in-person interview, do a dry travel run the day before to plan for traffic and parking. Choose your outfit, lay it out, and iron if needed. 

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