As National Safety Month begins, it’s time to evaluate your professional priorities. Safety standards and regulations need to be upheld year-round, not just reviewed in the summer or when it’s convenient. Warehouse managers have a duty to keep safety at the forefront of production processes. Safety is a huge issue in a warehouse setting, from small hazards to serious injuries that can occur if your team isn’t cautious. Here’s how you can commit to making safety a priority all year long in your warehouse:

Point Out Problems

It sounds simple, right? When there’s something wrong, you fix it? That’s not always the case. The hustle and bustle of a warehouse can mean many obstacles and issues getting swept under the rug. Make it a habit to tackle problems as soon as they arise. If you’ve got water on the ground in the warehouse, take action immediately to prevent a slip. Put up a “Wet Floor” sign right away and assign someone to clean the area.

Continuous Training

The way to keep safety at the forefront of your priorities year-round is to keep up on training. The OSHA website can be a great resource, with a record of the most updated regulations and tips on how to maintain a safe warehouse. Considering bringing your team in monthly for a safety review video, or create a weekly newsletter emphasizing a Safety Training Tip of the Week. Remind workers that safety comes first, always.  


Examine the efficiency and safety knowledge of your employees by giving out surveys. Tell your warehouse crew to be honest about what they do and don’t know, and assess what you need to do to boost their know-how. If you notice a pattern, like your team lacks awareness of fall prevention, provide additional lessons or content to help them fill the gaps. A safety quiz can be a fun, informal way to gather information about your staff’s safety protocols.

Safety Incentives

You can also provide small rewards for safe behavior. Give gift cards or swag when you see staff members abiding by regulations. When someone prevents an incident or clears obstacles, praise their behavior and give them a valuable incentive to continue working safely. It’s easy for safety to fall by the wayside, so promoting rewards and incentives for hazard recognition and prevention is a great way to lead your team. Always be on the lookout for little ways to appreciate the hard work your team performs each day.

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