Glassdoor, a popular jobs site, has become extremely popular because of its features. The ability to read and submit reviews on companies can be valuable for both job candidates and employers. However, there can be some discrepancies between how you feel about your organization and what previous employees post on Glassdoor.

A Glassdoor Rundown

Glassdoor offers reviews of a company, which you can view even without being a member. With a free account, you can provide responses and interact with the website. When you check the page for your workplace, you want all of the information to be accurate. You also want the reviews to be genuine. Hiding content doesn’t help candidates get a valid impression of your business. When someone looks up your company, the eyes will immediately go to your rating out of five potential stars.

What Do Candidates See?

When potential hires check out Glassdoor reviews of your company, you want them to have a positive impression. If your company has a low-rating or harsh reviews, it’s possible that applicants will steer clear of your listing. Candidates tend to focus on the criticisms, and will sometimes forget to take anonymous submissions with a grain of salt. Glassdoor reviews can hurt your candidate pool because savvy searchers might turn down an interview if your company has a bad reputation.

How To Deal With Negative Reviews

Overlooking Glassdoor reviews is a huge professional mistake.Whether you’re a small company or a massive one, you need to take criticism seriously.  If Glassdoor reviews for your business are a concern, experts say that just ignoring negative feedback isn’t the right choice. Set the record straight with an empathetic response. If someone has posted inaccurate information about your organization, mention the error and give examples of why that information is false. However, if there are comments that are personal about a specific worker or supervisor, don’t respond. Public discussions about personal problems can get messy quickly, and you want to hold your business to the highest standards.

Turning Reviews into Positive Change

Think of Glassdoor reviews as a tool to help you improve your company. Whether you’re receiving positive or negative reviews, take some notes on common themes. If employees are praising your flexible scheduling, lean into that. Include your unique benefits in job listings, or bring up the highlights of your business during phone interviews to entice candidates. If Glassdoor reviews indicate problems with the hiring process, for example, talk to your HR department to identify any miscommunication. Embracing your feedback can help you examine your workplace from a different perspective.

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