What do people think of your company? Have you stopped to reflect on your organization’s reputation? If not, you’re making a critical management mistake. In an era of Facebook and LinkedIn, building a positive presence can be just as important as the product or service you provide. Today we want to talk about one specific aspect of company culture: diversity in the workplace. We’ve got a few steps you can take to make a meaningful change that will take your business in the right direction.

Step One: Training Internal Employees

Your initial work to enhance diversity throughout your company must start with your existing staff. Credible trainings designed to decrease discrimination and build empathy and awareness are essential to build a foundation for a healthy workplace culture. Many organizations devote time to have difficult dialogues, and as a manager, you are responsible for employing a respectful, cooperative staff.

There are many different workplace diversity trainings, so find a program that fits. Whether that’s an offsite third-party program or online workshops, use a tool that will be effective and salient for your workers.

Step Two: Review Your Job Postings

Announce your intentions before candidates walk in the door. One of the best ways to create and continue a culture of diversity is to incorporate a brief statement about your company’s environment in your job postings. Some companies issue a bland boilerplate statement about meeting diversity requirements, but you want to stand out. Work with your team to create a dynamic message about your workplace diversity priorities, encouraging every kind of applicant to apply.

Step Three: Interview with Intent

When you bring in potential hires, interview your selections through a new lens. You want highly qualified professionals to execute tasks, but you also want to hire people who can bring something new to the environment. You can improve your workplace diversity by asking a bit more during your interview process. Respectful questions about hobbies and interests can give you a better picture of the person you’re bringing aboard to add some depth to your team.

Step Four: A Holistic Overview

When the trainings are complete and the process has been enhanced, you want to make sure your entire organization perpetuates and understands your diversity message. To continue your trend of openness and awareness, consider bringing on a diversity officer. Hiring a human resources staff member with specialized experience in cultural awareness and facilitation of programming can help keep your corporate values in check. One specific delegate that handles diversity concerns and encourages acceptance can reaffirm your company’s commitment to creating a positive and diverse environment.

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