As a manager, your job is to keep the warehouse safe and manage your crew effectively. Wouldn’t your life be easier if there was an app for that? Luckily, we’ve got a list of them. If you want some ways to maximize efficiency and keep everything up to code, we’ve got some resources to help you achieve OSHA standards with the press of a button.

OSHA – NISOH Heat Safety Tool

One of the most challenging aspects of a professional working in a warehouse is beating the heat. This industry is directly affected by weather and temperature. Keeping cool in the summer can be challenging for any company, but especially if you’re trying to manage the heat inside a warehouse. If you’re looking to have temperature information available, the NISOH Heat Safety Tool from OSHA can help you calculate the heat index for any worksite. This app, available via Android and iPhone, can help you identify the risk level for you and your staff. This tool will also provide you with solutions — hydration reminders, symptoms of heat-related illness, and emergency protocol info.

NISOH Ladder Safety

Any construction manager knows not to underestimate hazards in the workplace. Ladder safety is essential to running a smooth operation. Available for both iPhone and Android, the NISOH Ladder Safety App is a fantastic way to prevent slips and step-related injuries. Featuring an Angle Measuring apparatus and a guide to selecting the right ladder type, you’ll find that this app has everything you need to use ladders safely and effectively.

OSHA Safety

The OSHA Safety App features a multitude of helpful resources to help you stay apprised of the current OSHA regulations. Available for iPhone, this app is not an interactive tool to help you manage your site. However, this pocket guide with the full text of all OSHA regulations can help you consult the rules quickly in a situation you deem to be hazardous or unsafe. Free of charge, this app will help you always have access to the rulebook and can come in handy when you’re out in the field.

Easy OHS

The Easy OHS Hazard and Risk Identification Record is an app that assists you in keeping track of your on-site risks. Easy OHS helps you take care of the following:

  • Create OHS Risk Reports and easily email them
  • Sync reports to the Cloud between multiple devices
  • List details for safety reporting
  • Add documentation to reports including photos and videos

Having the information at your fingertips will help you maximize productivity. Create a more comprehensive picture of your company’s safety standards by using these essential workplace tools.

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