If you’re searching for the right position in a call center, it can be tough to sell yourself to different organizations. Call centers require qualified staff members equipped to solve many different conflicts that can come up. How do you stand out in a field of applicants? We’ve got some top tips from professionals that will help you succeed in your search. Prepare yourself with these qualities and you’ll be the perfect hire for a call center position:

Reliability is Key

Call centers employee anywhere from dozens to thousands of people, depending upon the industry. However, they’ll admit that it can be challenging to find reliable workers. Quantity does not make up for quality when it comes to staffing. To land a call center job, you need to prove to the supervisor that they can count on you. Provide stellar references from previous jobs to show you have quality connections. Advertise your attributes that will matter to employers: arriving on time, staying on task, and not taking too much time off.

Display “Uncommon” Courtesy

You’ve heard the phrase “common courtesy” – it’s important for everyone to show decency and kindness toward others. However, we know that what it takes to land the right job is to show what we call, “uncommon courtesy”. You need to go out of your way to be extra considerate to every single person you interact with throughout your search. From the boss of the operation to the custodian, be friendly and thoughtful to show your gratitude and professionalism.

Be a Problem-Solver

One way to stand out in an interview is to come in with solutions rather than questions. A terrific applicant knows how important it is to research the company and be prepared for your interactions with a potential employer. Find out how things are done at the call center from their website or someone you know within the organization. Think of ways to maximize productivity before you walk in the door to make a great first impression.

Show Respect

Whether this is your first job or you’ve got ten years of experience, hiring managers expect to be treated with respect. Acknowledge the fact that they’ve got a tight ship to run. Your role is to prove that you can be an asset to the team. If you express discontent with a previous coworker or supervisor, the hiring manager will go with a more trustworthy candidate. Showing respect to a potential employer should including active listening, thoughtful insights, and encouraging others.

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