Sometimes those “Monday blues” stretch into Tuesday. And Wednesday. We’ve all experienced it: a week that drags on at a slow pace, making you frustrated and overwhelmed. Have you been feeling this pressure more often than not lately? Do you hate your job, or do you hate working?

Let’s Break It Down:

If you’re feeling like you hate your job, why? Is it the work? The people? Pinpoint the source of your anxiety. Determine what affects your mood most, and make a note of how often you’re feeling down. Think about your average work week. Upon reflection, are there more than a few bright spots on the job? If you can name three things that you enjoyed while at work, it’s likely that your job is the culprit and not you simply hating work. When your work week is hard with redeeming moments, it’s more about the job than your attitude.

Do You Hate Working?

If you’re at work and you can’t think of a single thing that brightens your day, you might just hate working. Maybe you’re feeling lazy or having some personal struggles. This attitude is tough to come back from, and not very professional. Try to pull yourself out of this kind of thinking by identifying the patterns that are keeping you down. No manager wants someone on their staff stuck feeling resentful and unhappy. If you hate working, you might need to take some time to think about your motivations and your goals.

Make a Change

If you are dreading work, do something about it. Empower yourself at work to be engaged and find a passion project you can immerse yourself in. If you feel like you hate your job, try a new tactic. You may want to attempt some of the following fixes:

  • Start a New Project: Find out what needs to be done at work. Rather than spending your days wasting time and avoiding responsibility, embrace a challenge. Find out what upcoming projects are in the works, and ask what your coworkers need. Feeling more included will help you see the sense of purpose in your work.
  • Ask for More Responsibility: Step up and see if there’s something more you can be doing. Your supervisor might need someone to lead a new campaign or revamp the office communication workflow. Seek out more work, and you may feel inspired to get the job done each day.
  • Never Stop Learning: Talk to your colleagues and bosses to find out information about workshops and professional development. Local meet-ups, seminars, and training sessions can help remind you why you entered your industry in the first place. Einstein said that curiosity will “make your life worth living”.
  • Switch Positions: Speak with the higher-ups to see if you are eligible to transition to a different role within the company. Perhaps a lateral move will help you shift gears and find your motivation.
  • Leave the Company: If you hate your job and have tried everything to overcome the problems, it’s time to make your exit. There’s no shame in leaving a job that doesn’t excite or challenge you. Find the right environment for yourself to thrive rather than wasting your time in the wrong place. When you’re miserable most days, it’s time to move on.

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