As someone that manages professional staff, you have certain expectations. For example, you expect your employees to show up. It can be incredibly frustrating when the most basic standards don’t get met. You’ve heard every excuse at this point: weather, traffic, illnesses, and family emergencies. Where does it end? How can you get your people to dedicate themselves to getting in the door?

Identify the Cause

If you can’t get your staff to show, think about why this is occurring. Are you dealing with a rogue employee that doesn’t respect your authority? Is this a company-wide concern caused by disgruntled workers or low morale? Multiple people ditching their responsibilities is a huge red flag. At this point, you need to do some self-reflection to determine why your people aren’t loyal. Revisit your leadership style and try a new tactic to earn the respect you deserve. Employees won’t come to work if their boss is too harsh or overly passive. Change your strategy to explore what works best to ensure your team is working as a cohesive unit.

Have a Conversation

This reoccurring problem isn’t something you can ignore. Confront this matter as soon as it arises. Step up to your leadership responsibilities by scheduling a staff meeting. Sit down with everyone to ensure staff members are on the same page. Emphasize the importance of punctuality and showing up for shifts. If the problem is chronic lateness, try adding a five or 10-minute buffer to start times. Instead of a 9 a.m. arrival, request their presence by 8:50 a.m. so that workers are where you need them exactly when you need them. If you’ve identified one individual in particular that isn’t showing up, don’t just make a blanket statement and expect a change. Perhaps this employee needs lateral job movement or pep talk to be re-motivated at work. Try to be flexible to show a gesture of good faith. Offer a different shift if your staff can’t make certain times work, or offer different incentives to entice staff members.

Prevent Future Occurrences

Take this issue seriously. Late or no-show employees should not be taken lightly. Experiencing a staff shortage means a poor fit for your workers. The best way to ensure your people show up ready to work each day is to bring on quality staff members that are reliable and ready to work. Guarantee staffing success by developing a relationship with a top staffing agency. This relationship will also enable you to bring on new recruits quickly. Workers come pre-screened and ready for a job if you’re experiencing quick turnover. A dedicated staffing firm will come equipped with reputable candidates that you can hold accountable. Davis Staffing, for example, has experience with quickly recruiting professional job-seekers that can provide evidence of their experience and recommendations from colleagues and supervisors.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Chicago

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