When you’re working with a skilled technical team, your leadership style is crucial. If you push too hard, you’ll see your team fracture and the productivity of your company will crash. A great leader strives for balance: making decisions in a firm but thoughtful manner. Leadership begins with working with your team to create the best possible process for your business. Overseeing technical staff has its own challenges, and there are always differences of opinion. Here at Davis Staffing, we’ve got four tips to lead your technical team to success:

Inspire Your Group

To lead your technical team effectively, you may find that technical staff members prefer a less abrasive management style. Even when you’re facing a conflict or working toward a tight deadline, try to stay empathetic and focus on influencing your people in a positive way, as opposed to making demands. Using too much power or authority will not inspire your people to be productive under pressure. It will result in low morale and burnout, which can do damage to your company’s retention rates. Focus on thoughtful resolutions to problems that arise, and remember that an inspirational leader has the most effective team.

Listen to Feedback

When your people talk, be sure you hear them. The more you know about what goes on within your organization, the better prepared you can be to handle anything that comes your way. Communication is a two-way street, so be sure you’re open to constructive criticism as well. To inspire your people, create more open lines of communication. Try a quick messaging service that can help avoid long meetings that could have been a fast text or email. Setting up group communication through Slack or another service will provide your people the chance to ask quick questions or clarifying follow-ups.

Provide Support and Resources

The best thing you can do to inspire your team is to support them. If any of your staff members express an interest in certain resources or support, don’t hesitate to provide them. Being a great leader is all about meeting the needs of your team to ensure a positive and productive environment. If your employees have ideas on how to make this happen, embrace them. If your company is in need of updated telephone systems or new software, make the investment. Faster operations can mean more revenue for your bottom line. Also, don’t forget that resources don’t have to be physical things. Standing desks and new equipment are beneficial, but resources extend beyond this. Discuss needed additions to your teams, such as more customer service representatives or an office manager to oversee your company’s day-to-day operations.

Train Future Leaders

Provide opportunities for professional development and skill-building. Leaders don’t get to a position of power on their own. Help propel your team members from followers to talented leaders and they’ll become assets to your company. Provide training for people moving into leadership roles by helping them develop their soft skills like adaptability and problem-solving. Give them real life scenarios to manage, and let them prove their abilities. Training sessions and networking events can also be helpful for professional development, so be generous with extended breaks and extra time off.

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