chicago-temp-staffingHooray, you are just about to head to your new temporary job for your first day! This is an exciting time, and no doubt you are a little nervous because you are not entirely sure what to expect. But this can be a great day and the start of something wonderful. That is, if you follow the advice in this article about what you should do for your first day.

Don’t be late.

Whatever you do, try not to be late on your first day on a new job, especially a temp assignment. If at all possible, complete your route to your new workplace the day before and find it. Learn where to park or what train station you need to get off at and check out the facility. Time yourself and plan that you will need extra time during a busier time of the day to arrive on time. Get there about 5 minutes early if you can. If you arrive really early, either sit in your car or drive around the block. If you took the train, get off and walk around the block a little bit. There’s being 5-10 minutes early and being overly eager by arriving 30 minutes away. Your supervisor might not be ready for you at that time.

Ask about the appropriate dress before the first day.

The advantage of working a temporary assignment is that you can ask the recruiter what to wear and what to bring before you start there. Find out if there is a certain dress code for the employer, including any special shoes you may need to wear (for industrial work). Bring a light sweater if you are working in an office because the climate might be cooler than you’re comfortable with. For the ladies, don’t go overboard on makeup, fragrance, or jewelry.

Bring a lunch and a notebook.

It’s always a good idea to bring your lunch with you for the first few days on a new job. First, you don’t know how much time you will have and since you’re in an unfamiliar area, it may be worrisome to find a lunch spot nearby. Don’t assume that someone will take you out to lunch on your first day. If they do offer to take you to lunch, be flexible and consider eating what you brought for lunch later in the day or tomorrow. Bring a notebook and pen too, so you can take notes as you learn things at work.

Don’t come in with all the answers.

As the new person on the team, your job is to learn all you can from your new co-workers before you start being the office expert. No one likes a know-it-all, and it’s very annoying for a new person to act like they have all the answers. You don’t want to be this person. First impressions are important and taking over the know-it-all role in the office isn’t one to get tagged with on your first day.

Be ready to learn everything.

Ask good questions and be ready to absorb a lot of information on your first week on the new job. It may seem overwhelming, but as long as you take notes and seek clarification, you will do fine. Don’t think you’ll remember everything that you hear about performing job duties. Asking the same question numerous times will get annoying to your managers since their time is valuable.

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