Avoid These Words In A Job Interview

Job interviews are stressful situations, which almost goes without saying. But, you cannot let the stress get to you so much that you say something inappropriate that has the interviewer thinking twice about bringing you in for the interview in the first place. You must control what you say in a job interview, even if the words are ready to fly out of your mouth!

One way to ace an interview is to avoid using certain words during the interview. We will provide you with a whole host of different words that should never be used in a job interview if you want to land an offer.

Never, Ever Curse in an Interview

One of the number one things on our list is cursing. You should never, ever curse in a job interview, no matter how comfortable you are with the interviewer or how long you have known the person. Swear words might come through when interviewing internally for a job available at the company where you currently work. The reason for this is that you already know the interviewer and might even have a friendship with him or her. Avoid curse words at all costs during job interviews, or it can sink your search quickly.

Don’t Get Obsessed

‘Obsessed’ is a word that many people use to describe their passions in life, many of which are normal. Some might think that this word is not bad to say in a job interview because it explains how passionate you are about the job or the work you have performed in the past. Instead, many interviewers will raise red flags when they hear this word because they get worried  the employee might become a little too obsessed with the job or the company and begin having issues in the future. Knowing when to back off and show some balance will help you in the interview process.

No and All of Its Variations

Do your best to avoid saying the word ‘no’ in a job interview. Also, try to avoid all the variations or forms of the word no in a job interview. When you say no, or any of its variations, you are coming across as closed off to the interviewer. You will appear as if you are not open to new things or to change, should it happen after you are hired. Even if you are saying the word no in a sentence that is inherently positive, the interviewer might hear the word no and lose focus on your statement.

Whatnot and You Know

‘Whatno’t and ‘you know’ are simply filler words and phrases that are too common in the English language. However, these words do not belong in job interview conversations. They are filler words that add absolutely nothing to the conversation with the interviewer, who will see right through these words and become bored or angered at the fact that you are using these words. Interviewers, recruiters and hiring managers want to know how articulate you are in a positive way, not just how many words you can throw into a conversation.

Oh, I Just Hate

Even if you legitimately hated a task at a previous job and think that you are being lighthearted by saying so, this word will hurt your chances at landing the job. Interviewers never want to hear the word ‘hate’, and if they do, they will begin to think twice about you. Those who use the word hate in a job interview could wind up being labeled as a high risk candidate with a negative attitude.

Do your best to avoid saying any of the words and phrases mentioned above if you want to ace your next job interview. Practice your interview responses and watch out for any negative, offensive, or annoying words you may say.

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