Making the decision to use a temporary workforce can be a positive one, but once you have done so, it takes some time to implement this workforce into your company. Having a consistent process helps to get the most return on investment from your temp workers. Onboarding is the way to orient and ramp up the skills of temp workers from day one.

When you bring temporary employees into the fold, a good option is to put together an onboarding kit that helps them understand the company, how it operates, what their daily duties will be and what is expected of them as temporary workers. Here’s what your temp onboarding kit needs to include:

#1 – A Welcome Letter

The welcome letter should include a nice note to the employee that explains the company, its mission and a brief history. Make sure your direct contact information is in the letter and let him or her know you are always open to discussion.

#2 – Schedule for Orientation

The packet should also have a schedule for orientation. This lets the employee know what will happen during their orientation day. Provide a timeline of events to make the onboarding process as easy as possible.

#3 – Written Duties of the Job

There should be a document that outlines the duties of the job the temporary worker will be responsible for on a daily basis. It also leaves no doubt as to what he or she will be asked to do while at work. Include information about who to go to for trouble shooting or guidance on tasks.

#4 – Employee Manual

The employee manual is very important and should be included in all onboarding kits. Take time during the orientation to discuss all of the corporate policies found in the manual. Also, briefly go over any other sections that might be of interest to the employees. Make sure they read through the entire manual on their own time and sign any important paperwork found in it. Also tell them that if they have any questions they should not hesitate to ask.

#5 – Mandatory Meetings

All onboarding kits should include documents that inform the employee of any mandatory meetings he or she must attend during the workweek. Make sure that all of the meetings are noted with the day of the week, the time and the location within the building.

#6 – Access to Training Technology

Techology access from the start of the temp assignment is crucial to their success. If the new temporary hire must complete online training while on the job, make sure the kit has all of the information for those websites listed. This includes the web address of the site, any login credentials, and expected completion dates.

#7 – Employee Checklist

All onboarding kits for temporary hires should have an employee checklist in them. These checklists should have items such as signed new hire paperwork, receiving access cards to the building, receiving a calling card and much more. The employee will be able to keep track of everything he or she has received and can then sign the document and send it to HR once everything is received.

#8 – Campus Rules

Your onboarding kit should also include all of the rules in place on your company’s campus. These can include the designated smoking areas, break policies, where to eat during lunch taken in the building, how to order copies, making phone calls and much more.

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